The Ramazan bazaars have failed to serve the purpose of providing commodities especially edibles at subsidised rates as there is no difference between the rates of goods at these bazaars and the market, it is learnt.

Moreover, all the staff of Revenue Department including Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Patwaris and clerks besides the officials of food, agriculture departments are busy performing their duties in Ramazan bazaars. Thus, the visitors of these offices have to return disappointed.

One of the reasons of the government’s failure to ensure subsidy is that huge amount is being spent on maintenance of these bazaars in terms of rent of Shamianas etc. Most of the goods are substandard while the others are not in the poor’s access, consumers said.

The government has set up special price control squad even then overcharging is in full swing. Off and on, ministers visit the Ramazan bazaars but their visits have failed to produce desired results. Though the government officials conduct raids on hoarders and profiteers, the prices of commodities are still skyrocketing. The wholesalers and retailers do not observe the price list so the government should take action against them.