For the first time, Punjab Police Officers were selected purely on merit. This was achieved through a detailed process of interviews, in view of their experience and civil as well as military academic qualifications. This probably happened due to the presence of Turkish experts in the interviewing panel. This is a good step by the Chief Minister (CM) Punjab.

Corruption is so powerful in Pakistan that it can delay and stop anything good from happening. I hope that the print and electronic media will take this up as a form of Jihad and make it happen. It seems as though the Punjab Police bureaucracy will not allow this initiative and will try to bury it. They have succeeded in delaying tactics. But let’s hope that for the first time CM Shahbaz Sharif does something benevolent and makes this happen! After a period of six months it should have already begun! Police Bureaucracy is aware that if the CM Punjab takes this step it will be crystal clear that the Punjab Police has completely failed. It has also been reported that some members of the corrupt police bureaucracy are trying to accommodate their own favorites into this transparently recruited organization.


Rawalpindi, July 12.