In your above titled editorial in the Nation of July 13, by repeating Sindh’s argument that building another dam will dry up the Indus even further, you have given credence to a totally false argument. Did the Tarbela dam dry up the Indus or did it provide Sindh with additional 7.0 million acre feet of water? Did it not help Sindh cultivate 27 lakh additional acres? Please check with the Sindh irrigation department. The Kalabagh dam will provide Sindh with another 2.25 maf and will not dry up the Indus. Because of the increased demand, fourteen big canals at Guddu, Sukkur and Kotri barrages are heavily draining the Indus. They are leaving very little to flow below Kotri. The simple truth is that supply has not kept up with the demand. The supply has remained static for the last 38 years while the population has increased from 8 crore to 19 crore over that period. The debate on a subject so vital to the interest of the people should be knowledge-based and not on hearsay. I shall be most grateful if the record is set straight.


Lahore, July 13.