Lahore- Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed has said they won't protest Narendra Modi's visit to Pakistan, as the organization doesn't” participate in such politics & protests". Saeed was responding to the furor that followed his meeting with Indian  journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik, also an aide to yoga guru Ramdev, who is close to BJP.

Saeed also pointed to the two discussing the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. "We discussed how all 26/11 evidences provided by India have been rejected & asked Mr.Vaidik, why India does not respect Pakistani courts?" tweeted Saeed. “Row in Indian parliament over a journalist's meeting with us shows the extremism, narrow mindedness of their politicians. Utterly shameful," he wrote, adding, "Sadly, so called 'Secular' India is unable to bear an informal meeting of her journalist, Mr.Vaidik, another e.g of Indian narrow mindedness."

"We meet everyone with an open heart, whoever wants to meet; regardless of nation, belief or religion" he said. “Dr.Vaidik asked if we would protest Modi's visit to Pakistan, on which I replied, we don't participate in such politics and protests", Hafiz Saeed remarked.