Hundreds of people from all walks of life including women and children joined an anti-Israel walk taken out in Sialkot city a non-profit organization.

Wearing black arm bandages, the participants marched on various roads in Sialkot city as a protest against the massive Israeli aggression in Gaza-Palestine , in which the Israel has killed hundreds of innocent people including a large number of children.

They strongly condemned Israel and strongly criticised the US, UN and international community for their criminal silence over the atrocities. The rally participants unanimously passed several condemnation resolutions against Israeli aggression, asking the UN and international community to wake up and control Israel.

SCCI DEMANDS FUNDS: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the government to ensure the early release of Rs14 million from Export Development Fund as its share pending for the last two years. SCCI President Dr Sarfraz Bashir said that the funds of Rs14 million were the government share which had not yet been paid for the last two years. The early release of these funds from EDF was direly needed to continue the monitoring of Child Labour Elimination Programme from soccer ball industry of Sialkot.

He said that the Sialkot business community had been playing its pivotal role under the supervision of Child and Social Development Organisation and IMAC, which both had been monitoring the child labour eradication programme from Sialkot’s soccer ball industry successfully.