This is with reference to the address of the Prime Minister at the ground-breaking ceremony of signal free Islamabad. He said that the Rs 22 billion project of widening the existing expressway to 10-lane signal free road would serve as a major link of the federal capital with the rest of the country through the Grand Truck Road’. May I suggest to the PM that the Rawalpindi Bypass should also be built? It was first proposed by Mr Bhutto in the early 1970s. If I am not wrong there is bridge near Adiala Jail, which might have been built in anticipation of the Rawalpindi Bypass. If it had been built almost all of the heavy truck traffic, long route buses and light vehicle that has to go through Rawalpindi or Islamabad to get to other cities, could have used this Bypass.

Trucks travelling through Islamabad, after completion of the 10-lane Expressway, will still cause congestion on the roads of Islamabad. There will be increase in pollution and damage to the newly built Expressway because generally trucks are overloaded beyond the specified capacity. If anyone has doubts they may kindly travel on the I J Principal Road. In addition all major towns and cities in the country have bypasses. Why must Islamabad be left out?


Islamabad, July 1.