During this Ramazan residents of Karachi are not angry with any political party as most of the time they are. The reason is K-Electric who has failed miserably in providing uninterrupted power supply. K-Electric since last 2-3 years was working efficiently but this Ramazan, which is one the hottest ever, K-Electric failed to continue their good work.

K-Electric claimed that load-shedding in 60% of Karachi was not carried out, but during Ramazan two to three times the whole of Karachi was blacked out. K-Electric is very active on social media also and their Twitter and Facebook page is used as complain platform for users.

The biggest pity is that they never gave time of restoration of power. One can complain about the issue and K-Electric also respond but never gives a timeframe for a solution.

Almost all the people who complain or ask about electricity on Facebook or Twitter want to know the estimated time. It will be great if K-Electric higher authorities give permission to their social media team to give an estimated time of power restoration.


Lahore, July 14.