There is talk of a new form of corruption called ‘Plea bargain’ wherein a criminal, guilty of gobbling billions goes scot free if he or she pays a certain amount to the NAB authorities. This is another form of policy of Muck Muka, prevalent in our political parties in Government and opposition which is akin to mutually shared corruption that is reprehensible. To loot billions and pay a few millions to NAB is a sheer loss to the State and should not be allowed.

A thief ought to be pursued and looted money should be recovered in full and returned to the state. It is startling who invented and adopted the principle of plea bargain, which is a strange concept of dealing with mega scams. Perhaps the Apex Courts need to take notice of this nefarious practice as it impinges on public interest and human rights of public importance of which the Apex Court is the custodian. It needs to be applied for whom ‘Plea Bargain’ which is another avenue for mutual corruption between criminals and state authorities like NAB officials.


Lahore, July 11.