LAHORE - Police yesterday found the sack-packed body of a 10-year-old from Badami Bagh area.

Investigators were yet to ascertain the identity of victim. Rescuers said the decomposed body was moved to morgue for autopsy.

Some passersby contacted the police after they noticed a suspected bag lying on the edge of a drain. The police discovered the body as they opened the plastic bag.

Police sources say they believe the boy was murdered before being stuffed into the bag. The local police yesterday night registered a murder case against unknown killers and launched the investigations.

At least five children disappeared under mysterious circumstances from the densely populated neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago. Police were unable to trace their whereabouts despite the lapse of three weeks.

According to a police officer, it was not clear yet whether the body, recovered from the drain, was one of the missing boys. Further investigation was in process.

Separately, a 45-year-old man, unidentified so far, was found dead from Iqbal Town police area yesterday. The body was moved to the morgue for an autopsy.

Police said the man was lying dead alongside a footpath near Bhekhewal More when they reached the spot. Some passersby spotted the body and contacted the police by phone. The police were investigating the death.