KHYBER AGENCY - Forty-three Afghan families voluntarily left Mulagori area of tehsil Jamrud and repatriated to Afghanistan before expiring the deadline granted by the administration.

Earlier, the administration due to security reasons had set a deadline of May 19, 2016 that was extended to July 14, 2016 for the Afghanis to leave the area.

Shakeel Burki, Naib tehsildar Mulagori said that dozens of Afghan families prior to end the deadline completed their packing and on July 15 they will be loaded in vehicles and repatriated to their native country via Torkham border.

The official said that the Afghan refugees had requested for extension of stay in the area, however the administration and the forces officials unanimously rejected their appeal, and said that the residencies of Afghan refugees were near sensitive locality where important installations including Cadet College Warsak is located.

INP adds: Political administration of Khyber Agency has given three days notice to the Afghan refugees staying illegally to leave the area, otherwise, they would be sent home forcibly.