LAHORE - The Ajoka theatre, in collaboration with Caritas Pakistan, staged “Dekh Tamasha Chalta Ban” at Youhanabad yesterday, in order to promote religious harmony in the country.

The play, watched by large number of people, was written by Shahid Nadeem and directed by Madeeha Gohar. “Dekh Tamasha Chalta Ban” is based on various stories of religious intolerance and extremism which are disturbing the peace of society. It highlights that public should be aware and should discourage the elements who want to ruin the stability and harmony of the society.

Leading personalities from Christian Community like Arcbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw (Archbishop of Archdiocese of Lahore), Amjad Gulzar National Executive director Caritas Pakistan, Fr. Joseph Shahzad (diocesan Executive secretary Caritas Pakistan Lahore and MPA Shakeel Marcus grace the performance with their performance.

While the action is going on, innocent citizens, intellectuals, teachers, social workers are being accused of blasphemy and executed. By the end of the play, the executioners run out of victims and to satisfy their mad lust for blood, they get hold of the narrator of the play and hang him. The narrator keeps pleading that he is not a part of the play but they don’t listen to him. The message of the play is loud and clear and disturbing, you can remain silent spectators to sectarianism. The fire will engulf your house sooner or later.

The play highlighted commentary on the government’s implicit connivance with the intolerant religious establishment in denying basic human rights to the religious minorities. It literally left the audience with some questions on a high note.