Rawalpindi - Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that half of the problems in the judiciary would be resolved if the district judiciary starts functioning in a speedy and batter way.

He said that he would take action against the judges having bad reputation. He said that CCTV cameras would also be installed in all the court rooms across the province aimed to monitor conduct of judges and lawyers during trial of cases.

LHC CJ Justice Mansoor Ali Shah expressed these views while addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association Rawalpindi here yesterday. All judges of the LHC working at Rawalpindi bench were also present on the occasion.

He assured the lawyers that he would make sure that the judicial officers did not misbehave with lawyers. He asked representatives of the bar to ensure that the lawyers also behave in a good manner with judges. “The lawyers should inform him about misbehavior of judges instead of launching protests against judges,” he said, adding that he wanted to make Punjab’s judiciary number one institution in the country.

He said that he wanted to see the Punjab judiciary becoming an example for other provinces. He said that the task was not difficult as only good intention and hard work was required. “We need competent judges at district level for better output. Incompetent judges earn bad name for the judiciary.

I have started cleaning of judiciary from Lahore. I have sent 22 judges to judicial academy for further training after their incompetence was observed. The judges will have to pass the examination, if they want to come back to the courts,” said the chief justice.

He noted that he was following the policy of openness. He said that he was ever available for the lawyers. He noted that he had asked the bar association to suggest him names of good professional lawyers to fill in 13 vacant posts in the LHC.

Regarding issues at the LHC’s Rawalpindi bench, Justice Shah said that he would constitute special benches to hear civil cases. He said that according to his information about 3,600 civil appeals were pending in the bench. He said that the pendency in criminal cases had been reduced to a marked extent. He added that in total there were some 1.3 million cases were pending with the LHC across Punjab.

Earlier in his welcome address, LHCBA President Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Kiani said that some civil appeals as old as 1992 were pending in the Rawalpindi bench. He asked the chief justice to constitute a special bench. The bar representative also asked the chief justice to make sure that the judges behaved with lawyers in a professional way.