World famous fictional novel series Harry Potter features the Deathly Hallows – three gifts from the grim reaper himself; if one collects all three he is said to be able to conquer death.

There is someone who has conquered death in the real world, and he did not need any of the deathly hallows for that. He conquered it with the traits of love and mercy; kindness and humanity.

We all know him. His name is Abdul Sattar Edhi. He passed away, but he conquered death. Edhi is alive. His legacy will nourish anytime someone helps those in need. It will flourish whenever an orphan will be taken care of. He will live anywhere kindness and unconditional love is found. He will be a metaphor of charity and mercy no matter what. Death has only made him better, just like Gandalf the White. It has only made him immortal.

Edhi does not need mourning. Edhi wants his mission to continue. He will be happier if we all become Edhi. Edhism is an ideology that will never end. There is only one Edhi that has passed away; there are many more that will succeed him. Let us all stand for what Edhi has strived for. Let us contemplate the legacy he has left behind. A legacy that is beautiful; a legacy that consists of love and harmony is what we desperately need in a society like ours. Let us all become Edhi. It is the proper way we can honor that great man.

Everything that Edhi stood for is unfortunately fading from our society. You probably have heard of an incident where someone inquired Edhi about his ambulance carrying patients that were Hindu and Christian. Edhi replied, “Because my ambulance is more Muslim that you.” However, do we have the guts to do this? Not long ago a Christian vendor was beaten for selling ice cream to Muslim kids. How many stood up for him?

Nevertheless, the best way to pay tribute to him is by standing up for humanity. I appeal to you that wherever you are, whoever you are, try to help humanity to whatever extent you can. Don’t forget animals either, extend your mercy towards them too. Do all this without any desire for a prize, just like Edhi. It is only then Edhi will be honored.

Today, the orphans of Pakistan need a father again. Be one to them.