LAHORE: Government decided on Friday to write letters to human rights organisations against Indian atrocities being carried out in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif handed over the task regarding writing letters and forwarding them to human rights organisations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Human Rights .

Draft of the letter was finalized on Friday whereas it shall be forwarded to human rights organisations tomorrow (Saturday) after getting approval. The letter shall be written to human rights organisations in India.

Copies of the letter shall be forwarded to human rights organisations all around the world. Furthermore, letters over Indian atrocities in Kashmir shall also be delivered to ambassadors belonging to different countries. Related institutions were also given the task of arranging meetings of the PM with foreign delegates.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael was given the task of arranging events around the country which would highlight Indian brutality on Kashmiris.

Kamran Michael stated that a chain of human hands shall be made in Lahore on Sunday in order to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir.