If you watched Pokémon in your childhood, get ready to feel nostalgic. Didn’t you ever wonder how  different the world would have been if Pokémons actually existed? Didn’t you ever wish to see one right  in front of you? Well, now is the time.

Pokémon world is all about mysterious swordlike creatures, rats, dragons and so. Pokémon is a Nintendo franchise that was launched in the 1990s where trainers travel across the world to catch these monsters named Pokémons, just like in your favorite childhood cartoons. Vox.com explains the work saying, “The trainer’s goal is to "catch ’em all," as the franchise’s slogan suggests, and become a Pokémon master by defeating prestigious trainers known as gym leaders and Elite Four.”

Everyone knows about Pokémon but now what on Earth is Pokémon Go? This happens to a new game  developed by a 28 year old man and is available for free downloads, on both Android and iOS devices.  This game is as unique as possible. It uses your phone’s GPS system and clock to decide the type of  Pokémon creatures that appear in your game. For instance, if you are at the park, the game is more  likely to show creatures like bugs or grasshoppers etc. If you near a lake, water creatures might show up. The game is all set to mix up some real life elements with a mere phone entertainment source. Here, you have to travel the real world in order to ‘catch ’em all’.

Wondering how the game works? Its easy! You just have to walk around (or drive) with the application  open on your phone which is going to buzz every time a Pokémon is close by. As you tap on the creature  showing up on the map, you will be directed to a catching interface where the Pokémon is surrounded by rings of different colors that indicate the level of difficulty you are going to face while catching it. If  you travel a larger distance, you might even encounter rare species.

The game includes objects like Pokéballs (used to catch Pokémons), Lucky Eggs (to double your game  experience), Razz Berries (to make sure your Pokémons don’t run away), Egg Incubators, Lure Module and much more that you will only find out about when you get addicted to the game.  To increase your Pokémon’s combat power, you need stardust (a generic item you receive whenever  you make a catch) along with the “pokémon's specific candy” as they call it. Candies can be obtained by catching duplicates of a Pokémon. To battle in the game, one needs to tap on the enemy’s Pokémon which creates a slight damage to it. If you tap and hold for a while, a special attack is unleashed. Fire realted Pokémons can be defeated by water Pokémons. The battle ends as soon as one of the opponent Pokémon faints. The game allows the player to use potions that can heal up Pokémons. Attacks by other players can be dogged by swiping in different directions.

The game includes PokéStops, where a player meets other real life players, based on their locations and  also an additional gym feature where one can fight gym leaders. Game developers earn through convincing people to buy the items which lure Pokémons to these stops. It involves purchasing items through real money and we are pretty sure that this newly made game is going to bag a lot of money  soon. The app already has more users than Tinder and is about to cross Twitter’s line too.

Seems like a must try? So, go, get ready to catch ’em all!