ISLAMABAD - Senate chairman and interior minister yesterday separately expressed serious reservations over some recent statements of US lawmakers questioning the role of Pakistan in fight against terrorism.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan conveyed his reservations about statements of members of the US Congress and other US officials about Pakistan to US Ambassador to Pakistan, David Hale.

The ambassador met with the minister on Thursday and discussed matters relating to bilateral ties and cooperation, and overall regional security situation, says a statement of the interior ministry.

“Pakistan and its citizens have sacrificed a lot in war against terror but it is regrettable that US parliamentarians have no realization that how much it lost to curb the menace,” he said and added that such statements causes strong reaction in Pakistan against the US. Nisar said unnecessary criticism and practice of levelling false allegations on Pakistan’s serious efforts for peace created hurdles in attaining mutual interests. He said the achievements in war on terror reflected Pakistan’s sincere efforts it made for security of the region. The US government acknowledged achievements made during on-going war against terrorism, especially of Operation Zarb-e-Azb for lasting peace in the region, he said.

The US ambassador lauded the steps taken by Ministry of Interior and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in security and immigration areas. Separately, Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani in a press statement said that people of Pakistan and Parliament were appalled at the views expressed by certain American lawmakers in the US Congress regarding Pakistan. “This seems to have become an unfortunate pattern of blaming Pakistan for the mistake made by American policymakers on Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world, which the recent Chilcot inquiry revealed,” he said.

“Such sentiments also demonstrate a marked lack of respect and recognition of the tremendous contribution made by the Pakistani people and the armed forces in the fight against terrorism,” he added. Given this context, it is not surprising that the people of Pakistan are now forced to ask the question whether they are dealing with friends or foes in the American Congress, he said adding that these statements from some of the US lawmakers were a case of the pot calling kettle black, given their deplorable track record of double standards on such areas as human rights. Their conspicuous silence on the killings of unarmed civilians in Kashmir, the treatment being meted out to African-American in their own country and the effort to impose India on the NSG in violation of all norms of nuclear non-proliferation reflex clearly indicated their intentions, he said. “I hope that saner elements in American Congress will take heat of such irresponsible statements,” Rabbani added.