In this part of the world, even women have become prime ministers both in West and East Pakistan, but that could not restore respect for women in society. The increasing trend of live burying and burning, defacing by acid, shooting for eloping of women all in the name of honour shadows their lives. In higher echelon same indignity is meted out to educated and elected assembly representatives. This made Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani state, “as if we’re entering an era of cannibalism and the growing trend of killings in the name of honours and forced conversion of non-Muslims to Islam was intolerable”. Defense minister Khawaja Asif and Senator Hafiz Hamidullah’s vulgar outbursts against women is mere reflection of status we accord to women. In public work places and bus stands, people of all ages are being heard spewing filthy and frivolous offensive language.

I fondly remember the former test cricketer Aqib Jawad back in my college days; invited as guest at the convocation. He said then, “do not blame the leaders because they come from the same society in which we live. An army of donkeys will be led by a bigger and stronger donkey, not by a loin”.


Gilgit, June 19.