Your bulletin board is a canvas on which you can mention all classroom activities or ideas in a creative and asthetic manner. Use as many colours as you want and experiment with the cuts. You may start off with a subject and concentrate on it. Forexample, use the words "Today is a Great Day to Learn Something New" as inspiration for decorating a bulletin board in your classroom.

What You Need:



Tape or stapler


What You Do:

Start working on a collage effect working with multi layers of poster paper, hand cut lettering, hand cut math symbols, puncuation marks, geometric shapes, and other objects that symbolize educational concepts. For the border, cut 15-20' strips of 6" wide bulletin board paper and staple it to the board in a "ruffling/pleating" effect. By the way this board is 2, 10' boards side by side, so it is quite large. Looks really impressive as you walk into the building.

This is your space, use your imagination and design with it.

Published in Young Nation magazine on May 14, 2016