WASHINGTON: The United States say it has had discussions with both India and Pakistan on the developing situation in Indian held Kashmir.

Replying to questions during briefing Thursday, State Department Director Press Office Elizabeth Trudeau said the US in fact had discussions on a range of issues including recent outbreak of violence in Kashmir.

Ms Trudeau expressed US concern over the death of protestors.

“We are very concerned about the deaths of the protesters. I understand it’s over 30 now; that’s of grave concern to us. We continue to be in touch with the Government of India. We’ve been in discussions with the Government of Pakistan as well” she said.

Asked if the US would condemn the killing of civilians by the Indian security forces, Ms Trudeau did not respond but said the US would encourage all sides to make efforts to finding a peaceful resolution.

“The situation on the ground from what we understand is very complex, it remains fluid” she said.