MIRPUR (AJK) - Global human rights organisation Amnesty International said that the massive human rights violations in the Indian Held Kashmir should come to an end now.

Talking to Sardar Masood Khan, the president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Gemany's Berlin city late Thursday, its office-bearer Dr Michael Gottlob said that IOK was being treated like a colony, says an official press message released to the media here on Friday.

Last year, he said, during a seminar on human rights in Kashmir held by Amnesty International in Bangalore, the organisation was accused of sedition because some participants had raised slogans of freedom and all Amnesty offices were closed.

Dr Gottlob said that India should realise no military solution to the Kashmir dispute was possible. He further said that Jammu and Kashmir is divided and disputed territory and "if Germany can be united, so should Jammu and Kashmir'.

Dr Gottlob said that the space for human rights defenders was shrinking in India as Indian authorities, among others, were using denial of visa as a means to conceal human rights violations in the Held Kashmir.

He said that the United Nations Human Rights Council was the best forum for getting more attention to the situation in Kashmir, according to the message.

Addressing representatives of Kashmiri and Pakistani Diaspora in Berlin on Friday, the AJK president said that in history, only fascists and imperialists have erected walls and barriers to separate people.

"Lovers of freedom and democracy," he said, "will always open channels and doors to join people." He said that the people of Kashmir want to be reintegrated and get together. He is currently on a visit to various European countries to highlight the exceptional importance of early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue in line with the international norms and commitment enshrined in the UN resolutions on Kashmir.

Masood thanked Pakistan for its moral, diplomatic and political support to the cause of Kashmir. He said India had erected barbed fences along the Line of Control to separate the Kashmiris. These fences have two layers, buttressed by landmines and a surveillance system consisting of thermal imaging and motion sensors, he detailed.

Besides, tens of thousands of Indian soldiers are deployed along the LoC while the Indian allegation of cross-LoC movement is patently false, he claimed.

"Kashmirs' freedom movement is peaceful and indigenous. It is led by hundreds of thousands of young men and women and in fact the entire citizenry of Kashmir of all ages," he said. "Time has come for decisions and a democratic solution for the realisation of the right to self-determination."

The AJK president appealed to the diaspora community to raise awareness in Germany and Europe about human rights violations in IOK, the urgent need for the intercession of the international community to save the Kashmiris from Indian subjugation, and a just solution to the issue.