In these last four years, India has on multiple occasions violated the line of control and still had the nerve to blame Pakistan for meddling in their affairs. They have utilised every mean to malign Pakistan and made sure to push for the diplomatic isolation of Pakistan, to the extent where they are now facing off with China. That is a huge concern when it comes to the security and stability of the region.

After refusing any multilateral help in the situation, India still pushes for bilateral talks, while actually refusing to come to the dialogue table to engage in bilateral discussion. China, on Wednesday, offered to play a constructive role to improve the relations between both countries. However India, as always, has declined to resolve this issue multilaterally. They have also signaled towards possible talks about Kashmir, but their words are just a way to delay discussion without causing diplomatic crises.

They are more interested in conveniently carrying out their atrocities in Kashmir, keeping it away from media, and still claim that they are the ones being targeted in Kashmir and in cross border violations. This is exactly the response that came from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Their Spokesperson, Mr Gopal Baglay, has claimed that Kashmir issue is central to peace and stability but cannot be resolved unless terrorism perpetuated on India stops. Pakistan poses no threat to India, and terrorism is a monster that we have suffered more from that Indians can even think imaginable.

The statements hold no ground, especially since India has recently been accused of entering Chinese territory after border disputes. They are known for border violations, their Prime Minister’s history of bloodshed is also not hidden, and nor are their terrorist activities. They will not be able to use the victim card for long to influence countries of the region, nor will it gain them entry into the influential pool. They should have taken China’s offer to resolve the issue, especially since they are clearly incapable to do it themselves. While they have marketed themselves as “Incredible India”, the reality of India is that of poverty, and gross social persecution of minorities, supported by the ruling party. They should sort out their international problems to gain some stability when their society tears itself apart.