LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has directed the security departments to take all steps for protection of life and property of people. He said that a strict monitoring system should be ensured at entry and exit points of the province. He said that police and other law enforcement agencies should work more diligently and efficiently to maintain law and order, according to a handout issued here yesterday.

Issuing directions to the provincial cabinet committee on law and order, Shehbaz said that full attention should be paid to security of mosques, imambargahs, churches and other worship places and complete monitoring of the security plan should be ensured on a regular basis. Similarly, combing and search operations should be accelerated in the province and no stone should be left unturned for protection of life and property of people, he said. The cabinet committee on law and order should regularly monitor the security arrangements. He said that indiscriminate action against the publishers and distributors of hate material should continue and the law banning use of loudspeaker should be implemented vigorously. He said that additional staff should be posted at important buildings, bazaars and marketplaces and every step should be taken to maintain law and order. He said that foolproof security arrangements should be made to protect life and property of people across the province. He said the security plan should be implemented and indiscriminate crackdown on street criminals should continue.


Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that public service is not possible through hollow slogans; it is only possible when a person dedicates his entire life to this cause.

“Four years of the PML-N government are filled with the spirit of service to people. As long as we are alive, we shall continue to serve the masses,” the chief minister said while talking to elected representatives of his party here yesterday. He said some politicians had no interest in national development and prosperity and they were spreading anarchy in the country. At a time when the country is making rapid progress and a history of transparency is being written with regard to development projects, any attempt to derail this process will harm the country, he added.

Shehbaz said that opponents were conspiring against the ruling party. The enemies of development and prosperity are levelling baseless allegations, ignoring the fact that Pakistan is thriving and prospering with the every passing day. Pakistan’s journey from darkness to light has unnerved the opponents, he said, adding that negative politics was hampering the national economy. The opponents are trying to impede people’s journey towards prosperity through name calling and undemocratic tactics but the people of Pakistan have rejected these elements, he said. He said that there was no room for politics of allegations and deceit in Pakistan.

The chief minister said the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was fully committed to wriggling the country out of crises and the PML-N government was working to provide better services to people. “All resources are being utilised to make the country prosperous,” he said.

“We are working honestly and Pakistan of today is stronger and prosperous than ever,” he said. Completion of development projects will altogether change the socio-economic conditions of the country, he said.