OKARA - The annual budget of the District Council (DC) for the year 2017-18 was approved in the session chaired by Vice Chairman Rao Saad Ajmel Khan.

It approved the development budget of Rs350.930 million. The expected income of the DC was estimated Rs550.34 million while the expected expenditures are Rs450 million including salaries, maintenance & repairs of the roads, buildings, district council complex with other buildings.

The budget was approved without any debate in the house as the big majority in the DC is backed by the PML-N. Its members strength is more than 140 out of total members of 165.

The opposition member Nawab Ali Kals demanded the DC chairman open debate in the house but it was ignored. Similarly, the opposition members of the DC demanded to provide funds equal to the treasury benches of the DC for their union councils but the chairman said that after the consultation it would be considered accordingly.

The important point to be mentioned in the budget was that a few month back, the DC in its first meeting held to approved for the half year budget, the DC allocated funds for furniture and computers for all the offices. In the annual budget for 2017-18, the funds for furniture and computer sets had been again allocated for all the offices of the DC.

The district council also approved the expenditures of Rs10.05 million for the union council No 4 (Gogera Unit) having 24 staffers. It is also learnt that Gogera unit council is directly under the supervision of the DC and it is under the process to be elevated as Municipal Committee.

Highwaymen held,

booty recovered

The city B-Division police with the help of passersby nabbed two highwaymen fleeing after injuring a motorcycle mechanic when they failed to snatch his bike.

In Thursday night, the two armed men attempted to snatch the bike of mechanic Ali Akbar at Railway Road near Railway Station but the bike could not be started due to fault. The criminals shot at him. Meanwhile, police arrived at the spot and with the help of the public overpowered the armed men.

They had earlier snatched gold ornaments and cash money of Rs150,000 Rs from the house of Mazhar Jamil at the Railway Road adjacent to Bajwa Colony.