KASUR - The fast foods outlets at every nook and cranny of Kasur city are allegedly selling spurious and substandard food items amidst apathy of the departments concerned.

They are not only playing havoc with the public health but also calling the role of Health Department and District Food Authority into question.

According to the report of a survey conducted by The Nation, residents from different localities complained that the fast food restaurants located on the main city roads are allegedly selling stale and low quality food items. They said that the restaurants' owners are using substandard material in cooking fast foods for making double profit. "They just have a craze for earning big money and do not care about how many lives can be affected by the malpractice," they regretted.

Besides these illegal activities, there are worst sanitation arrangements at these fast food outlets, they informed. "Apparently these restaurants are very beautifully decorated but inside their kitchens, there are heaps of rubbish and wastes," they claimed, saying the chicken, used in fast foods is also of low quality and the workers at these restaurants do not maintain proper sanitary conditions and do not adopt hygienic measures while cooking food. They demanded District Food Authority to take notice of the situation and bring an end to the malpractice by sealing all such fast foods outlets.