KARACHI -  Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman Friday urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to stand firm against the conspiracy being hatched by the opposition parties and do not step down on resignation call.

Maulana Fazl expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Bab-e-Al-Rehmat Mosque Allama Ahmed Norani Chowrangi (Numaish Chowrangi). JUI-F leaders Rashid Mehmood Somroo, Qari Mohammad Usman, Maulana Mohammad Ghayas, Maulana Hammad Ullah Shah, Maulana Ijaz Mustafa and others were also present on the occasion.

Speaking to the media men, JUI-F chief said that the currently developed crisis against the democracy in the country was a conspiracy to foil the project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). United States of America and neighboring country India were behind all this and want to destabilise Pakistan economically by sabotaging the project of CPEC, he added.

Talking about the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), Maulana Fazal who is also the Chairman of the Kashmir Committee said that since the launching of CPEC efforts were being made to fail the project and in year 2014 “Dharna Politics” were introduced to dent the project by shutting down the federal capital Islamabad.

PTI tried to undermine the democracy and also tender resignations from the parliament; this all forced the government to postpone the visit of President of China. The entire episode not only damaged the image of country but also defame all the political forces of Pakistan. And once again these forces had called for the resignation of the Prime Minister to derail democracy, he added.

JUI-F chief said that the people those were against the progress of the country were actually behind all the agenda and it is continuation of scheme initiated in year 2014 by staging sit-in in Islamabad.

“How the people those tendered resignations from the parliament earlier were demanding PM to step down, I urge Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to stand firm on his ground over the resignation call from the opposition and do not step down,” said Maulana Fazal.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan alleged Asif Ali Zardari over corruption but now the both parties were on the same page against the Prime Minister. Pakistan People Party (PPP) leadership should clarify whether it has accepted those allegations or Imran Khan has withdrawn the allegations, questioned JUI-F chief.

Fazl further said that Panamagate was not an issue while it was an attempt to sabotage the economic future of the country over allegations of corruption. Currently Pakistan cannot afford any crisis and it is regrettable that perception of confrontation between the institutions were being made to turn the situation controversial, he said adding the nation would soon learn the facts about this conspiracy. 

Replying to a query about the In-House change, JUI-F chief said that it is a conspiracy and PM should counter it instead of tendering resignation on oppositions call. PPP is demanding PM resignation while it should also narrate the situation at the time of ousting of then Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

He said that the Khursheed Shah, who had been siding with Prime Minister to save democracy, is now siding with opponents. He asked PPP and MQM to understand the situation and should not make Imran Khan such a powerful man that in future he could attack both these parties.