LAHORE - A three-day national ghazal festival opened yesterday at Lahore Arts Council. The vocalists who performed on the first day of the festival included Naz, Wahdat Rameez, Aman Ali, Malaika Faisal and Shujat Ali Khan.

The festival was organized for the music lovers to soak in all the myriad shades of Pakistani culture.

It was a night for ghazal aficionados to experience the rich and vibrant performances of Pakistan’s top performers. In this triad of festival several globally recognized personalities have been lined up for their flawless performances. People from all walks of life attended the festival and enjoyed the essences of classical music.

Lahore Arts Council Executive director Capt® Atta Muhammad khan said “we organized this festival to revive the culture of ghazal singing. A lot of work has to be done to unveil the true colours of Pakistani culture. These singers are our assets and it is the responsibility of the council to promote them,” he said. 

Qawwal Wahdat Rameez said “Ghazal in Punjab is getting vanished from the mainstream media with the passage of time.

The singers that used to sing Ghazal music are facing financial issues and there is no support from the government.  Such festival should be more organized to promote the culture of Pakistani music,” He said.

Singer Shujat Ali Khan said “it feels great to perform at such festivals. Such Ghazal Festivals should be more organized so, that the youth should get more awareness about Pakistan culture and traditions,” he said.

Ghazal Festival will conclude with the performances of Ghulam Abbas, Nida Faiz, Nayab Ali khan, Sehar Minhaas and Abdul Rauf.

Our staff reporter