KAMALIA - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Samiul Haq (JUI-S) leader Pir Yousuf Bukhari said that his party has demanded early resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He was addressing a press conference at his office here the other day, he stated that it is important for the stability and the survival of democracy that the PM should leave his office. He said that the government must immediately abandon its policy to collide and confront all for the sake of democracy. To avoid further crisis, early general elections be announced, he demanded.

He stated that at present, the country is going through a very dangerous situation and the security agencies and the Pak Army are active across the country to eliminate terrorism and to maintain the nation's integrity hence the circumstances require the politicians and the rulers to abandon the policy of collision, he said. He urged them to demonstrate unity and integrity for the sake of the country.

He warned that if the confrontation policy is continued and the democracy suffers then it seems that we may not be able to revive democracy for a long time in future. He stressed, "It is for our own betterment that democracy should be saved in any case." He called on the Supreme Court to make the final decision based on the JIT report as soon as possible so that the country could avoid any kind of political crisis.

He said that JUI-S had issued instructions to all its party members to use all efforts and to get prepared for the participation in the upcoming elections.