ISLAMABAD - American world number 50 squash player Todd Harrity has said that he is keen to visit Pakistan again to play PSA matches here.

In an interview with The Nation, Todd, who is in Pakistan to represent World-V against Pakistan-V, said: “When I was offered the chance of playing in Islamabad, I had no second thoughts and immediately accepted the offer. My previous two visits to Pakistan were amazing and I feel completely safe and secure here. The accommodation, meal and hospitality, everything is fabulous. I never got such special and wonderful treatment form any federation in my professional career.”

He said he must say that the way Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) handled all the visiting international players was highly commendable. “The PSF took me from the airport straight to hotel. I had 4-hour delay in flight, so I took complete rest. I had been to different places in Islamabad yesterday and Friday. I would leave for UK in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but I know, I would be able to visit some lovely places of one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, but whenever the PSF conducts any event in future, I would be more than willing to come a bit earlier to be able to visit different places and make some new friends. I never felt insecure and always feel like home coming here.”

When asked what message he would like to give to PSA and WSF regarding Pakistan and PSF’s arrangements, Todd said: “I personally feel, Pakistan deserve to host international events, because of a number of reasons. The venue is one of the best in the world, the crowd is amazing, as I hardly witnessed jam-packed arenas, where ever I had played so far, but the crowd here is very supportive, unlike of other places, where the crowd only supports locals.

The federation has provided every player the best facilities while the security in and around the entire area was quite satisfactory. I hope the PSA will allow Pakistan to conduct high-prize money events in near future. I can assure the PSF that I am ready to play in Pakistan, whenever they invite me,” he added.

About his performance during the Pakistan vs World-V series, he said: “Yes, I am not performing on consistent basis and people feel I am not gained from deciding to base in UK, but it is not true. In fact, I had learnt and improved a lot. Ever since I have moved to UK, I am training in Bristol with coach Hatrin Stiff and I also have a great trainer in the shape of Beth, who is a great help to me. I can assure that soon I will be able to show what I have achieved from training in UK. Both Mohamed El Shorbagy and Marwan El Shorbagy also trained at the same club, which is a great help.”

About his match against Pakistani Israr Ahmed, Todd said: “There were a number of reasons I have lost the match against Israr, who played brilliantly. Actually, I had reached same morning, not had proper rest, jetlag and I did try to sleep as much as I could, but I couldn’t while another reason was poor refereeing, which cost me dearly.”

“I would like to say a big thanks to the PSF, all those who were providing us care, hospitality and off course to my friends here in Pakistan. I am looking forward to meet them again soon in competitive PSA events. Pakistan is one of the most exciting places, people are lovely and I will always cherish the moments I spent in Pakistan. All my three visits so far to this heaven on earth remained remarkable,” Todd concluded.