Islamabad - The Ministry of Interior has directed Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration and Islamabad police to start immediate inspection of private security companies operating in Islamabad.

The inspection process will be started from this month and Ministry of Interior has categorically asked to revoke licenses of private security companies who have not submitted their particulars and details to ICT administration. According to the official source, the administration will issue notices initially to the licensees of those private security companies which are found violating the law and not ensuring the compliance of Rules. The administration will also check whether private security guards working in Islamabad are properly trained, security cleared and physically fit.

It is mention that training to security guards, prior to their deployment is one of the conditions of the license and the Ministry of Interior has notified four institutions for training of security guards which included Fauji Foundation (Pvt) Ltd, Askari Guards (Pvt) Ltd, National Police Foundation and Provincial Police Line Headquarters.

As per law, the Licensing Officer shall, before revoking any licence give the licensee a notice to show cause in writing specifying a date, not less than 30 days from the date of the notice, on which the revocation shall take effect unless the licensee satisfies the licensing officer that license was not liable to be revoked. The Private Security Companies will be asked to get renewal of their licenses on time, arrange periodic training of their guards, ensure the antecedents and security clearance of their guards by the concerned police prior to their deployment in Islamabad as required under the law.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad Zulfiqar Haider, the source said, will constitute special teams for inspection of security companies as no proper checking system is already in place with ICT for the purpose.

These teams along with Islamabad police will conduct checking and to seal the offices of these private security companies if rules are found being violated. These teams will also check whether report is obtained from AIGP (Special Branch), SSP and District Magistrate at the time of renewal of license of a private security company. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that security guards have been trained by the approved Institutions and their antecedents verified by the Police Department. The license of the security company is not renewed, if security guards are not trained, security-wise not cleared and medically unfit. The source said that it has also been directed to revoke licenses of private security companies following the set criteria who have not submitted their particulars and details to ICT administration.