ISLAMABAD - Pakistan government has formally contacted Indian government in connection with recovery of Col (Retd) Habib.  The government has also asked Indian government to take action against the Indian citizens allegedly involved in kidnapping of Habib.

Well placed sources said that Foreign Ministry had written a letter to Indian government few days back in connection with recovery of Col (Retd) Habib stating that Indian citizens had pivotal role in this abduction case because Habib was called in Nepal through telephonic calls made from Indian phone numbers and from Nepal he was abducted.  Therefore, Indian government should play effective role in the recovery of Habib.

On the other hand Indian government has taken stance in reply to this letter that no Indian national is behind kidnapping of Col (Retd) Habib. The phone numbers given by government of Pakistan are fake.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is the first formal contact made by Pakistan government with Indian authorities in connection with recovery of Col (Retd) Habib.