VEHARI - In connection with Word Population Day, a walk was organised to raise public awareness about the population control.

It was attended by people belonging to all walks of life here the other day. Speakers said that the government of Punjab is focusing on the population control. The government is trying to raise the living standards by minimising the population growth rate. They said while addressing the gathering in Muncipal Committee hall to utilize the resources of the country in the best way the growth rate of the population must be minimised.

"It is the need of the hour to minimise growth rate ot 2.1% till 2030. Population department has to try its best to achieve the targets. At present, the population of Punjab is exceeding from 100 million which is alarming. The department should spread awareness so that we may control the problems caused by unbalanced growth rate of population and resources," they said.

The speakers included MPA Farah Manzoor Rind and Ameer Baksh, District Population Welfare Officer Rashid Hafeez and DY Director Social Welfare Ray Akhter Azhar. The district population officer said that the population of Pakistan is almost 195.4 million. The population of District Vehari is 2.8 million.