LOS ANGELES-Drew Barrymore wants her children to feel ‘’safe’’. The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ actress - who was legally emancipated from her mother when she was 14 and had little contact with her father - may have divorced five-year-old Olive and three-year-old Frankie’s father Will Kopelman, but she hopes her kids always feel loved and secure. She said: ‘’I think children need to be shown how much they are loved. ‘’So I try to be that kind of mother who makes them feel loved and safe and be part of a very healthy home environment.’’ And the 43-year-old star hopes her daughters grow up with a ‘’positive’’ outlook on life. She added in an interview with Closer magazine: ‘’I would like to help them have a healthy and positive outlook in life. ‘’Those are important things to have when you have to deal with a lot of the bad things that life throws at you sometimes.’’