PAMPLONA-Spain’s San Fermin festival comes to an end Saturday after a week of frenzied bull runs that saw two gored and another 40 hurt, with one man thrown in the air as he ran looking at his smartphone. The festival in the northern Navarra region sees thousands of revellers descend on Pamplona to watch or take part in runs where bulls charge participants through narrow cobbled streets. While the runs are over, the official end ceremony takes place at midnight Saturday.

The festival claims scores of casualties every year. In 2017, there were more than 17,000 participants and 64 were wounded. Twelve of the injured had been gored.

This year claimed fewer casualties, with just two gored, the regional government said. One of them had already left hospital on Saturday while the other, a Spaniard, remained after being gored in the arm, it added.

The Red Cross said it had attended to more than 630 people during the festival, 467 of them in the runs.

Since 1910, 16 runners have died - the last one in 2009. Participants are dressed in white with a red scarf, and career down the streets followed by bulls which at times crash into or trample over them.

One man was caught on camera running while looking at his smartphone, possibly after taking a picture, with a bull close on his tail.