Islamabad: The Federal Government will file an appeal on Monday in London High Court to get the ownership of Avenfiled flats.

The credible sources stated that appeal would be made in the light of the historic judgment of accountability court.

According to the sources of the ministry of law, a high-level delegation was leaving London under the supervision of the attorney general.

Attorney general for Pakistan will lead a legal team and leave for London to place a petition before High Court London to get the ownership of the Avenfiled apartments.

The relevant documents have already been obtained. Sources said, accountability court has already held and declared the ownership of the London flats in favour of the government of Pakistan as during the proceeding of the case it has been proven that Sharif family purchased the property in question by illegal and unlawful means.

Sources stated that law ministry after getting the judgment of accountability court would file an appeal in London Court and try to get the ownership of flats.

Sources further disclosed that Government of Pakistan will get the ownership of the property after having the decision of the London High Court and will dispossess the two sons of Nawaz Sharif presently occupants of the flats.