K-Electric is a vertically integrated power utility, and a Pakistani electric supply company based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. K-Electric is supposed to provide people with the basic necessity of life which is electricity, but somehow they fail to do so. Power theft is the biggest irresponsibility of K-Electric and its major cause is absence of accountability and inadequate and ineffective enforcement of law.

KE has reiterated its continued commitment to eradicate power theft against all odds but that’s just a sweeping statement. On the other hand KE is showing condemnable mettle and resistance, it proves that public interest has no meaning before the altar of private profitability and its maximization. KE wants to make it so worst that the government may hasten to finalize all clearances that are to be given for the sellout of KE to Chinese investors. KE promises us to provide electricity but it falls short on the main events such as Eid and Ramadan and people still face problems of load shedding. In the end we just hope that K- Electric work upon its responsibilities in a proper manner.


Karachi, June 24.