Islamabad - In the same evening, when Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s estranged leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was addressing a public gathering in his constituency, law enforcement agencies were preparing to welcome party’s supremo and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz at Central Jail Rawalpindi commonly known as Adiala jail , which was a few miles away from the said public gathering.

Punjab police by parking shipping containers had closed the main artery connecting Adiala jail with the rest of the city in front of a housing society named Abid Homes around 6 pm in the evening.

People living around the jail and next to it were forced to use other narrow streets which were only known to the local residents but traffic at large was diverted back towards the main city. Television broadcast vans were stationed at the same point as they were also restricted by police.

There was no unusual activity except for some heated arguments between journalists and police as the former wanted to go right in front of the jail. However, the deployment of the police was increased around 9 pm, when it had become clear that the Adiala jail would be the final destination of the former premier and his daughter at least for Friday night.

A fresh contingent of elite force also arrived and the same was deployed on the spot where hardly a few dozen leaderless workers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were present with some of them holding party flags.

The first motorcade comprising six vehicles passed through the site, which included the vehicles of senior police officers and the Rawalpindi commissioner.  

The situation was yet unclear whether the London-returned leader would be brought to Adiala jail or he would be locked up at the Sehala Rest House as opposing news was appearing on a television screen fixed at a nearby hotel, which was the only source of timely information on the spot.

However, officers present on the spot late night ordered police personnel for realignment and asked the people present to clear the road. One of the shipping containers was removed and a side of the road was cleared, which indicated that somebody was coming. After which another motorcade comprising 27 vehicles appeared including an armoured vehicle having number plate ‘GAC-56’, which was probably the one carrying the man, who served thrice as the prime minister of the country, and his daughter.

The motorcade crossed the point with great sped and a limited number of workers gathered on the spot started chanting slogans such “Wazir-e-Azam, Nawaz Sharif’ (prime minister Nawaz Sharif), which could not be heard clearly because of the noise of vehicles.  

The container was again parked in the middle of the road soon the motorcade passed the point and police personnel again showed up. Once the loudness of slogans raised by PML-N workers amplified, who were now trying to move further towards Adiala jail , police asked them not to cross the lines.

After the helter-skelter, the workers started disappearing from the scene and it was around 1 am, when police personnel after taking multiple cups of tea from a nearby hotel started boarding the buses, which were there to take them back.

The containers were removed, the hotel shut down its operations and media teams left the venue and after some time, police also vacated the area and there was a complete silence as nothing had happened at the particular site.

The area belongs to Nisar, who enjoyed unshared power in the whole Rawalpindi division for last 10 years just because of a free hand given by the Sharifs but ironically he was not with them when they were in the need.