KARACHI  - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders on Saturday said their candidates in Badin were being accused of creating a law and order situation in the area and harassed and their party was being defamed by the caretaker provincial government.

Addressing a press conference at Bilawal House Media Cell in Karachi, PPP Central Election Cell In-charge Taj Haider said a new wave of terrorism in the country was aimed at disturbing the political campaign of the PPP. He alleged foul play against the PPP in Badin, saying that party leaders Gul Muhammad Jakhrani and Ameer Bakhsh Umrani were being defamed by the provincial government.

He was referring to a letter from the provincial authorities that stated that local PPP leaders were trying to create a law and order situation in Badin against GDA candidate and former PPP leader Zulfiqar Mirza and his family.

Taj Haider condemned the letter issued by the home ministry blaming the PPP leaders for violence and said that sources on the basis of which the claim was made were weak and only aimed at defaming the PPP.

“The caretaker chief minister even did not responded to a letter on the issue and it seems that the authorities are running election campaign of GDA candidates in Badin,” he said, adding that a probe should be ordered against home ministry officials over contents of the letter. He said the party had not used even derogatory language against anyone but their local leader Ameer Bakhsh was stopped from entering three districts for four months and this was violation of basic human rights.

“A white vehicle is constantly following him and it was later seen at the office of the Sanghar SSP,” he said, adding that if anyone is doing such activities in personal capacity then the chief of army staff should take notice of such activities.

He expressed his disappointment with the caretaker provincial government’s performance with regard to conduct of free and fair polls and said that holding free and fair and peaceful elections was a joint mission of the authorities and the political parties. He said the party chairman had identified that illegitimate actions were being carried out against the PPP and election campaign was being disturbed but unfortunately no attention was being paid to their complaints.

To a query, Haider said that GDA leader Arbab Ghulam Rahim had employed a private army and was planning to use it in the upcoming polls against the PPP. “Why no action is being taken against it,” he asked.

The PPP local leader in Badin Gul Muhamad Jakhrani said that they were democratic people and did not believe in violence but the Mirza family was targeting them in order to avoid their defeat in the polls. “They had done nothing for the masses in past years and are now afraid of defeat and using acts to defame PPP,” he said.