KASUR-Citizens don't know what to do with power suspension. They continue to reel under shocks from prolonged and unscheduled power outages being conducted by the Lesco.

According to a survey report, unscheduled loadshedding in Kasur and surroundings in the prevailing hot weather mocks the tall claims-made by the previous rulers-of uninterrupted power supply by 2018.

Talking to The Nation, residents of different localities said that the issue of loadshedding had become worse from bad in Kasur and citizens were suffering from many problems due to power cuts.

They informed The Nation of water scarcity in the district due to power outages, adding that it had crippled routine life of people.

"Worse yet, people in cities are enduring outages of 16 hours while in rural areas, they are experiencing 18 hours of loadshedding," they lamented.

They stated that the country was already suffering from numerous crisis; power outages had worsened the situation. They noted that loadshedding had caused rise in inflation rate.

"It has now become a challenge for a poor man to win two-time bread," they regretted.

Social and political circles of Kasur demanded that Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar and Caretaker Prime Minister Justice (r) Nasirul Mulk take notice of the situation and order the Lesco high-ups to ensure uninterrupted power supply in Kasur so that people could live a happy life.

On the other hand, residents of Ellahabad blocked a road for vehicular traffic in protest against prolonged power outages in Kasur City and suburbs.

The protesting people shouted slogans against the Lesco for its negligence. Led by Mushtaq Ahmed, the protestors said that transformer of their area had been non-functional for the last three days.

"With power off, it is difficult to pass even 10 minutes in the sizzling weather," they added. "Despite repeated complaints, the Lesco has not taken notice of our problem," they alleged.

Similarly, Kasur District Bar Association also condemned prolonged loadshedding by the Lesco.