Cycling is said to be the second, best and the easiest way of transportation after walking on foot. Since, it has multitudinous benefits for humans health. Cycling would not only aid us to stay fit and strengthen, rather it helps us to save the environment, too. The environment which is being affected by the hazardous smoke of vehicles will create multiple risks for humans health, and their sounds create noise pollution. These grave issues can easily be controlled if the government promotes bicycle riding.

Also, cycling has multifarious health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, decreased stress levels, reduced obesity. We get rid of many of the other ailments if we ride a bicycle regularly.

United Nations, therefore, declared 3rd June as world bicycle day in order to let the people know the benefits and importance of bicycle riding. The government of Pakistan is urged to promote bicycle riding in our country. Take the example of Netherlands where 99% of the country population rides bicycles, 80% in Denmark, 76% in Germany, and so on.