LAHORE : Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar Sunday reiterated support to Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani

“The PTI has always supported Sadiq Sanjrani and it will continue backing him in future,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

Buzdar said the opposition parties did not have the capability to remove Senate chairman from his post and they would faced defeat in their movement of no-confidence against Sadiq Sanjrani. He said that opposition parties whose politics is based on chaos and anarchy are serving their vested interests. However, he said this is the time for them to mend their ways.

The CM said that opposition plays a vital role in democratic countries but unfortunately in Pakistan opposition parties have always promoted negative politics.  He said the chairman of Senate has support of majority so this movement is nothing but a failure. He said that PTI is standing with chairman.

He continued?: “Last rulers have constructed buildings just to show off and totally ignore basic necessities of public. They did not pay any heed e to the mysteries of common man neither day took any practical step to minimize them.