KARACHI   -   Over 300 activists of different political parties joined the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) on Sunday, ahead of the party’s public gathering in the city on July 21.

Those who joined the PSP on Sunday belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan and other political parties.

The announcement was made by PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal, who said on Sunday during a presser at the party headquarters that those who claimed that activists joined the PSP on the wishes of someone or under coercion should see this joining.

“Despite losing the elections and not being part of any government, political activists are joining the party, which is the true representative of the suppressed masses,” Kamal said. He said that time washed away all allegations levelled against him and his party.

He said that those who never remained part of any party had joined him due to their ideology and passion to serve the masses. “Those who are joining us know they have no designations waiting for them but are still siding with us for the sake of the city,” he said.

Flanked by other party leaders like Anees Qaimkhani, the PSP chief said that no one was ready to take responsibility for Karachi’s problems despite having representatives in the federal, provincial and local governments.

He said the narratives that past governments were responsible for the current situation in the country would not work any longer.

He said that incumbent rulers had suppressed the masses through heavy taxation. “Where are their promises about bringing back the looted Rs200 billion after coming into power? If they will do so, people will be standing in queues to pay their taxes,” he said. He said that traders went on a country-wide strike due to their financial policies.

“A year has passed and the situation vis-a-vis hospitals, education system, food security and other sectors has not improved. Promises made by the incumbent government are nowhere to be seen,” he said, adding that even the dam was made controversial and the amount spent on ads was higher than the amount collected through dam fund.

Despite the fact that majority of MNAs in the federal government belonged to Karachi, he said there was no one to take care of the provincial capital. “The MQM-P, which claims stakes in the city, had sold out its vote for a ministry rather than getting issues of the city resolved,” he said.

Those who are sitting with the prime minister are showing banners inscribed with the demand “give money for K-IV project” in the city, he said, referring to MQM-P.

Kamal said the masses would not tolerate dual standards and expose those responsible of their miseries. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi should focus on improvement of basic facilities for the masses in the city instead of suppressing the masses through extraordinary taxation. “If the masses get relief, they will generate so much revenue that the government would not need to go to IMF to borrow money to run its affairs,” he said.

Kamal said the country would not move on the path of progress and prosperity in the current political turmoil.