Pakistan Sugar Manufacturing Association (PSMA) President stated on 27th June that Sugar mills have not raised their prices and in fact are lowering them due to the supply glut. He claimed that the Government had fixed the sugar cane price too high and Sugar could not be produced below RS — 63 per kg.

After reading these statements of PSMA official, I turned on the television, and the first news report was how the sugar price in stores has been increased to RS. 73. This means that the PSMA was giving fake statements to confuse the public and government investigations.

The PSMA had been making such fake statements in the past as well. I believe that without the help of media, no organization or person can spread such fake statements in the news. And I would therefore like to request all media outlets to please ensure such fake reports are not printed that create doubt about illegalities.

I am sure all the media personnel buy and use sugar regularly. Now that the Government has started investigation against the illegal increase of sugar price, the PSMA with the help of media is creating doubt in public about increases in sugar prices and is trying to stop the Government’s investigation against the Sugar Mills.