The Pakistani youth was yearning for a true leader who could bring about changes in the existing society of Pakistan. Unexpectedly, the youth had found a leader in the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. They believed in him and supported him throughout his political journey. However, after coming to power, Imran Khan has been taking unending U-Turns. Consequently, his youth following is beginning to lose hope in him.

Imran Khan promised to create ten million jobs, but ended jobs in governmental institutions. He said that he would bring inflation to an end and there would be accessibility for all. But now everything is inaccessible for a poor segment of society. He claimed to bring corruption to an end, but it only escalated.

A plethora of promises was made by the Prime Minister before coming into power, but none of them stood fulfilled. As a result, the youth has been losing hope. Now, Imran Khan should fulfil those promises. Still, they love the PM but living up to his promises would sway more support in his favour. It’s on the PM to determine how he will regain the youth’s confidence in him.