KARACHI - The power outage in most areas of Karachi city has also created water shortage. In the scorching heat, the citizens are facing dif­ficulties. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) staged a sit-in outside Parliament House against the issues.

According to the details, K-Electric has once again hung the citizens on the cross of load­shedding. Prolonged power out­ages in the city have made water scarce in various areas.

Domestic affairs and daily life of the citizens have been severe­ly affected by the power outage. Unannounced loadshedding in different areas has reached upto 15 hours.

Exempted areas from unan­nounced loadshedding are also facing power outage upto 6 hours. Power outages are taking place in Shahra-e-Noor Jahan and surrounding areas while other parts of the city includ­ing Orangi Town, Baldia Town, Mowach Goth and Gadap are also facing loadshedding.


K-Electric has informed citi­zens that there may be load­shedding in certain areas of Karachi as it was facing a 130-megawatt shortfall in elec­tricity due to a technical fault at the Bin Qasim Power Plant.

A spokesperson for the elec­tric supply company said that the power generation ability of KE had decreased by 130-mega­watts due to a technical fault in one of the units of the Bin Qasim Power Plant, adding that there will be temporary load manage­ment in the affected areas.

The spokesperson stated that load management would be car­ried out in half industrial zones to provide relief to residential consumers. The spokesperson added that the load manage­ment’s advance notice has been sent and the schedule could also be accessed on KE’s website.

Meanwhile, the spokesper­son also stated that they were in touch with the power ministry re­garding the supply of furnace oil and assured that the temporary loadhshedding would be finished when the fault was rectified.

Meanwhile, Cable operators violated agreement. The spokes­person while talking about the cable and internet association stated that they violated an agree­ment under which they were sup­posed to lay their wires under­ground by July 2020.

The KE spokesperson stated that in the past there had been deaths during rains because of illegal internet and tv cables put up in various parts of the city.

KE stated that cable associa­tion had assured commissioner Karachi and other officials that they would remove their wires from KE’s polls, adding that the strike called by the cable and in­ternet association was called to blackmail the company.

The All Pakistan Cable Opera­tors and Internet Association held a token strike on Monday from 7pm to 9m.