ISLAMABAD             -        Former president Asif Ali Zardari's lawyer Farouk H. Naek on Tuesday raised sev­eral questions before ac­countability court on merits of Park Lane corruption ref­erence against his client and requested the court to dis­missed it.

During this day hearing, Zardari's counsel Farouk H. Naek argued that the case was related to two compa­nies including Parthenon Pvt and Park Lane in accor­dance of NAB documents. The property of Park Lane was mortgaged against the loan taken by Parthenon company, he said.

The Summit Bank, he said, had filed a case in banking court for recovery of this loan on nonpayment of the money. This case had been filed before an inquiry and reference of National Ac­countability Bureau (NAB).

Naek pleaded that the NAB had filed a supplemen­tary reference against Asif Zardari on November 12, 2019, adding willful default was committed by Parthe­non company not by his cli­ent. He said the registrar of any company would be re­sponsible of default in ac­cordance with Company Or­dinance 1984.

Zardari's lawyer said there was no banking com­plaint in this case. He plead­ed that NAB was not autho­rized to move a reference pertaining to the default of bank loans rather State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) was entitled to do this.

He said the loan was giv­en by National Bank of Pa­kistan and Arif Habib Bank but no one had been named as accused from these banks in NAB reference.