LAHORE - President Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Nasira Iqbal has alleged that some elements are trying to keep the Bar divided in order to ensure that the members of the Bar do not continue their peaceful movement alive or the purpose of revival of the 1973 constitution to its original form. In a statement issued here on Sunday Nasira said, these vested interest elements did not want to undo Musharrafs illegal acts of Nov 3, 2007 rather are working against non-implementation of Charter of Democracy and hampering efforts to promote rule of law and to make inexpensive and speedy justice available to all and sundry. She maintained that these elements are providing illegal incentives and temptations of legal and other posts to some members of the Bar who have joined hands to project the Bar Association as an unruly and disruptive body rather than the institution which earned world-wide respect for having conducted a peaceful movement for the restoration of democracy and rule of law over a period of two years. It is a daunting challenge to unify the Bar to perform its positive role as a watch-dog against dishonesty, immorality and corruption, and to act as a catalyst for social justice particularly for vulnerable and marginalised sections of society. She however hoped that she would be able to overcome the problems with the support of Bars members.