KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Munawar Hassan on Sunday demanded of the government to revise its pro-US foreign policy. Addressing a Press conference at JI Karachi office, he said, Peace cannot be established in Pakistan and Afghanistan without the withdrawal of American and NATO forces. JI leader Mohammad Hussain Mehanti and Hafiz Naeem were also present on the occasion. He claimed that peace of Balochistan, NWFP, Karachi and now Lahore was also disturbed due to presence of the US forces in the region. Referring to various incidents of terrorism in Lahore, he said that foreign involvement in these attacks was reported. He further said that India was involved in the terrorism in Lahore. Indian government has done water-resources aggression on Pakistan with the construction of 62 dams in Kashmir. Indian government had allocated offensive budget for the anti-Pakistan propaganda across the world. India wants to portray Pakistan a failed state, he said. Hassan said India had established 5 consulates along the Pakistani border in Afghanistan and established a military base in Tajikistan. In reaction to US President Obamas Cairo speech, he said extremism would not be eliminated in the region as long as the US and NATO forces stay in the region. Martyrdom of Allama Dr Sarfraz Naeemi is a great loss of Islam and Pakistan. US wants clashes among the Muslim sects but I inform them that these sects will become the iron balls for US, he vowed. To a question, he parried the question about suicide attacks. He said that oppressed people might respond to the oppressors oppression. Hassan urged the government to immediately end the army operation in Swat. He demanded that Balochistan issue should also be resolved. I met the Baloch leaders and notables. They have 15 demands and all of them are legal. More than 1,200 Baloch including 125 women are missing, he added. He asked the government to immediately resolve the burning issue of Balochistan through fulfilling the demands of Baloch people including lodging FIR of Akbar Bugti against Pervez Musharraf and also FIR of Turbat Baloch leaders killings against the culprits. He denounced the PPP-MQM coalition for maintaining peace in Karachi. The JI chief recalled that PPP government had accommodated the MQM in the government with a view to maintain peace in Karachi but more than 150 people were killed so far. NRO leaders rule the country and the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) helps the dictator and their remnants, he alleged to ridicule the PPP-led government and its policy. Hassan claimed that massive killings of Pukhtoon occurred during the rule of ANP government in the NWFP and the ANP has adopted anti-Pukhtoon stance. He recalled that Bacha Khan was proponent of India and his son Wali Khan of the ANP supported the ex-USSR despite the fact that Pukhtoons were fighting the USSR in 1980s.