Barrister Baacha (The Nation, 2.6.09) has rightly demanded the registration cards of the millions who poured into Karachi through Khokrapar at the time of independence. If past migrations could be reversed, then Sindh belongs to Mohanas, the original inhabitants. The Syeds should seek shelter in the Arabian sands. The Balochis should trek back to the bleak hills of Balochistan. After all, the Talpurs were hired for guard duty by the then rulers whom they overthrew in time. The rest of the Balochs followed. If reversals were to happen, Khokrapar will be cluttered with reverse traffic and the Indian bayonets would probably be trained at those coming back. Israel alone enjoys the arrogance of unjustly reversing the Jewish migration after 2000 years but they are strutting on the wings of mighty West. Every Pakistani has the right to move and reside anywhere in Pakistan. This is his constitutional right. -A BAJWA, Lahore, via e-mail, June 3.