ISLAMABAD - NWFP Governor Owais Ahmad Ghani Sunday said the government had finally decided to go all out against the chief of banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Baitullah Mehsud and his cronies and in this connection Army and other law-enforcement agencies were given free hand. Addressing a Press conference, the governor said that the decision was taken keeping in view the growing Taliban attacks resulting in death of innocent people; its (TTP) collaboration with anti-state elements and their hobnobbing with the foreign terrorists to destabilise Pakistan. Owais claimed that the people of tribal areas were also fed up with the activities of Taliban. People wanted to see their areas clear of these miscreants who were defaming Pakistan and Islam in the name of Jehad and Islam, he said. The provincial governor further said that the government had given them (Taliban) full chance of negotiation and advised the Mehsud tribes to ask the foreign terrorists to leave. Instead of doing this Tehrik-i-Taliban not only supported these miscreants but also indulged in the activities like suicide bombing at mosques and other state entities and attacks on the prominent personalities. They even went to the extent of kidnapping the students of Razmak Cadet College, he said. The governor was of the view that TTP provided shelter to the anti-state elements and established training camps for suicide bombers and were spreading their nefarious agenda of destabilizing and defaming Pakistan. He said that the government had adopted restraint and warned them to shun anti-state activities and not become tool in the hands of countrys enemies but all these cautions fell on deaf ear. The government is now left with no choice but to launch a full-scale military operation to flush out these miscreants from tribal areas. Owais Ghani said that for the past one-and-a-half-years, negotiations with Mahsud tribes were carried and every effort was made to make them realize that the government would not compromise on the security of life and property of its citizens, foreign diplomats, political and religious leaders. We could not get anything positive in return. He made it clear that the writ of the government would be established at all costs and these miscreants would not be allowed to create further unrest and chaos in the country. In this connection army and other law-enforcement agencies have been given direction to go all out against these terrorists, he made clear. Responding to a question regarding the ongoing operation in Swat and Malakand Owais Ghani said that the forces had broken the backbone of the terrorists in these areas and normalcy was returning to the troubled valley. He further said that most of the Malakand areas were cleared and people were returning to their homes. He informed that a caravan comprising over 100 truckloads of people went back to their homes in Kalam Valley while in Swat, Mangora and other areas officials were busy restoring the power, water and other basic amenities network. Special Correspondent adds: Security forces have killed 31 more terrorists including a few foreigners while 50 militants were injured in Malakand, Bannu and South Waziristan Agency during the last 24 hours. According to a Press release issued here by ISPR on Sunday, consolidation and search operations continued at Kabal where one security man embraced martyrdom and three others were injured in exchange of fire with terrorists. Another security man was injured due to miscreants firing at Kalla Kalle. Consolidation and search operations were carried out at Godhand Banda, Arkot Qila and Chuprial, and Wainai-Sijbant Road has been opened, according to the statement. Security forces consolidated positions at the heights of Chuprial. Huge cache of arms and ammunition was recovered from the tunnels. Cordon and search operations were being carried out at Loe Namal, Kuz Shaur and Matta and the security forces recovered 4 IEDs. In Bannu, security forces recovered small firearms from two houses at village Zindi Falak Sher in Jani Khel area. The area was subsequently cleared and the dead body of a terrorist was recovered from one of the houses. Reportedly, 30 terrorists including a few foreigners were killed and 50 were injured at Makeen due to the airstrike on June 13, 2009. Relief activities were also continued and different edible and other items were distributed among IDPs. 200 families of IDPs have been shifted from Besham to Kalam and security forces have made arrangements for their transportation to Kalam. Online adds: At least 43 miscreants and 12 citizens were killed during the security forces search operation in Mohmand Agency on Sunday. Reliable sources said that the security forces search operation continued on fourth day in Khawazi Bazai area of Mohmand Agency to clear the area from miscreants. Jet planes and tanks pounded miscreants hideouts in Ambar tehsil, Pindyar and Upper Mohmand. As a result, 43 miscreants were killed while 12 innocent citizens also lost their lives. Six children were also killed. While on the other hand, two security forces personnel also embraced Shahadat during the search operation. Source said that the operation in Ghum Shah and Baidzai areas has entered into a decisive stage.