JOHOR BAHRU - Australia made Pakistan eat their words of packed defence by thrashing them 6-1 as they sneaked in at will in the medal round of the Junior World Cup here at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium on Sunday. Only vice captain Abdul HAseem Khan was the scorer from the Pakistan juniors. Haseem broke the Australian defence right after the first tap and managed to get the lead for Pakistan. But that happy-go-lucky lead was shortlived with Australia crawling into the match leveling the score soon. And later they got goals in abundance despite the packed defence Pakistan had planned for the OZs style of the game. Australia got into equal terms in the 13th minute and then went ahead in the 17th minute. In the 21st minute, the OZs were well into the game and dominance 3-1 to take a rest. Michael Bates, Kieran Govers and captain Joshua White brought all the three first half goals leaving Pakistan sapping after the ball. And when the second half started, things got more untidy for the green shirts when they failed to understand the tempo of the game the Australians were playing. The luck was not in favour of Pakistan because they did not seem doing proper effort and were not playing to the plan. As on the other side the Australians were playing a calculated game with accurate passing and instead of waiting for the ball to come to them they were creeping to the ball. Kieran Govers opened the second half with his second goal and fourth for the Australians while Matt Gohdes added another through a penalty corner making the comeback difficult for Pakistan. The green shirts even seemed like passing the time and in between conceded an other goal to Australia's Jacob Whetton desoite. Though the entire day was not in Pakistan favour but the consolation was that Korea and New Zealand played 3-3 draw, which now leaves Pakistan with the necessity to win both of their matches against the two teams. Pakistan will face New Zealand today in Singapore and later after a day's rest, travel back to Johor to face South Korea. In other medal round matches, Netherlands beat Spain 3-0. Germany beat Argentina 3-1. Germany got an easy sailing in its first match of the medal round with a 3:1 game against former champion Argentina. The Netherlands and Germany are having the same points in the table but Argentina and Spain will have to turn things around to stay alive in the World Cup. Argentina began the campaign in this round with a positive approach having some very attractive attacks but the German goalkeeper Niklas Sakowsky thwarted nearly three sure chances one after the other. That somehow brought frustration into the Argentinain camp and providing the Germans mid field to come for their defence rescue, which made their walls more solid. German captain Martin HSner's plan worked and they were back in the game with better defence and opportunities for their lurking forwards in the Argentinian danger zone. In the first half, both the teams proved that they were on equal terms and will fight for every centimetre. After Germany missed some opportunities, Argentina scored the first goal in minute 28. They came down the left, passed to Agustin Mazzilli who waited unprotected at the right post and shot into the empty goal. Just a couple of minutes after, Germans were at their best and were in control of the situation. First they got a stroke and was used by Martin HSner without any problems. The last ten minutes of the game belonged to Germany when they converted a penalty corner and scored a field goal. In the other match the European champion Netherlands clashed with Spain and won 3-0. Spain struggled to find their way into the game. Till the breather, the Dutch were well placed with two goals. However, Spain did try to make way through the Dutch defnece but they stood there well placed. It was in the second half when the Dutch got their third goal that dashed Spanish hopes. After the match, the Dutch coach while talking to the Nation said that he wanted his team to play Pakistan at least in the semi-final if not in the final. "Pakistan play classical hockey, they play with a very unique style. I want the Dutch to play them in their coming matches. Holland hockey team coach Paul Ass said: "Pakistan is dangerous team in this tournament. I want to play with Pakistan team in semi or final. He said that this time they want to win this tournament. "We have never been that close to the title and our all boys are in good shape." Talking about no off-side rule, he said that it is not true that this rule helps the European teams increase their winning ratio than Asian teams. "The Asian have not learnt the changing style in the game that was why they were lacking. All they need to do is follow the modern lines," he added. Results: Netherlands v Spain 3:0 (2:0) 1:0 Klaas VERMEULEN (FG), 2:0 Mink VAN DER WEERDEN (PC), 3:0 Valentin VERGA (PC) Germany v Argentina 1:3 (1:1) 0:1 Agustin MAZZILLI (FG), 1:1 Martin H-NER (PS), 1:2 Felix OLDHAFER (FG), 1:3 Patrick SCHMIDT (PC)